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Unlock the value of your data using our AI.

Talk to your data, accelerate innovation.

Go beyond incremental improvements, harness AI and unlock major advancements.

Data Mastery

We create AI-driven solutions that interpret vast amounts of data to produce strategic insights. By integrating data into your decision-making process, we ensure it becomes a core driver of innovation and efficiency for your organization.

Reveal actionable insights.

With Fluunt, your data becomes a beacon for discovery and a wellspring of strategic insights. We help you unlock the untold stories within your data, facilitating a deeper understanding that leads to informed and impactful actions.

We believe in the responsible stewardship of data

Dedicated to Ethical Data Transformation

Our solutions are built with a commitment to ethical practices, ensuring data is not only utilized but also respected, maintaining integrity and trust at every step.

Learn more about our data ethics

Healthcare Data in Action

Leverage your data as a catalyst for innovation in these and other ways
AI in HIV Risk Assessment
AI in Assay Development
(Case Study Coming Soon)
AI in Cardiology
(Case Study Coming Soon)
AI in Traumatic Brain Injuries
(Case Study Coming Soon)

Our Technologies

We’re developing customizable tools to accelerate our client’s digital transformation


Qaasar is an advanced Large Language Model tool that enables organizations to confidentially upload and effortlessly navigate vast datasets through a personalized chat interface, ensuring secure, in-house data management and customized insights.

Coming Soon


Laarson is a sophisticated tool designed for organizations, leveraging a proprietary algorithm to expertly analyze large datasets and identify inaccuracies or lies in user responses, ensuring enhanced data integrity and informed decision-making in a secure environment.

Coming Soon


Naamu is a cutting-edge solution tailored for organizations, offering robust governance of federated networks through proprietary technology, ensuring enhanced security, seamless integration, and efficient management across distributed systems.

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