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Conversational AI
for Data Analysis

Transform data into decisions,
in plain English.

Extract insights across channels, departments, and locations – in seconds.

Easily connect your data with no-code integrations

Fluunt synthesizes the data automatically for you

Ask a question, get a response immediately

Get answers about key metrics as easily as texting.

Quick and Accurate Responses

Simple to Implement and Manage

Robust Security for Enterprises

Three stacked, 3D cubes with text asking business analytical questions on a reflective surface, now incorporating AI-Driven Insights.

Trusted answers
without the wait.

Advanced algorithms deliver reliable insights

Trained on your established business rules for trusted logic

Precision without hallucinations

Virtual data analysis without writing any code.

Real-Time Insights

Navigate your data with ease through our intuitive, user-friendly interface, designed for straightforward access and deep insights, enabling efficient and effective data exploration.

Advanced Analytics

Leverage our advanced AI and machine learning to forecast trends, optimize processes, and gain forward-looking insights, enhancing your strategic positioning and operational agility.

Seamless Integration

Integrate Fluunt AI seamlessly with your current systems to create a holistic data environment, enriching your analysis with deep, actionable insights and broadening your analytical perspective.

Automated Monitoring

Utilize our smart automation tools to continuously track data, ensuring immediate awareness of key changes and trends, which supports swift adaptation and strategic planning.

Data Intelligence
for Forward-Thinkers

Optimize operations with real-time data insights

Drive innovation with insights from predictive modeling

Minimize risks by anticipating trends

Three-dimensional graphic of a bar graph in silver and purple, overlapping inside transparent circles with real-time data analysis overlays, against a white background
Three-dimensional graphic of shiny stars in silver and purple, overlapping inside transparent circles with real-time data analysis overlays, against a white background.
Future Feature

Your Data, Your Asset.

Access our secure, AI-powered data marketplace

Monetize insights and transform data into revenue

Connect with partners for mutual growth and innovation

Leverage advanced analytics in a collaborative ecosystem

Ensure data integrity with robust security measures

Integrate with Your Existing Tools


Amazon AWS

Google Analytics



Databricks SQL

Microsoft SQL






Oracle Database

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